Why Adopt?



Hundreds of new real LIVE pet air plants become available for adoption each day and are eagerly waiting for adoption. Will you adopt & help care for these sweet pet air plants by providing them with a loving, forever home?

  “Yes, I want to adopt an air plant today!”

Taking Care Of Your Pet Air Plant is Easy!

No daily walks required
• Water every 3-4 days
• Zero pet accidents
• Minimal grooming
• Baths only once or twice a month
• No vet visits or shots
• Easy to transport
• Can live indoors or outdoors
• Pet sitters during vacations are optional.

Tillies Are Cool Pets!

Their leaves can change colors and blush in shades of pink, orange, yellow or red
• They can have babies (pups) within 2 years
• They bloom and produce a bright flower
• They make great listeners (talking to them even helps them grow)
• They are quiet pets and won't disturb your neighbors
• They can grow roots and attach themselves to trees and other objects

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