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Tilly Central Adoption Center


Welcome to the home of the Tilly Central Adoption Center
at My Pet Air Plant!


I believe in magic. I believe in nature. I believe in the magic and unparalleled beauty of all things living.

I believe in children. I believe they hold the key to a kinder more harmonious world.

I believe we have a responsibility to use our unique gifts to make the world better for all people and living things.

My Pet Air Plant developed as an outgrowth of these passions and beliefs and in a sincere desire to make the world a little better for children and to foster in them a love and a sense of responsibility for plant life and nature as a whole.

Inspired by both my unrealized deep desire for a pet rock during my childhood in the 1970’s and my adult fascination with the incredible members of my “pet family” of the genus Tillandsia L. (most commonly known as air plants), the idea of the My Pet Air Plant Tilly Adoption Center was born.

After dreaming, planning, collaborating, and lots of prayer, our pet air plants are now available for adoption!

I hope these adorable little air plants will bring as much joy and wonder into your child’s heart as they did and do for me. The My Pet Air Plant Adoption Kit is designed to stir their imaginations, educate, teach responsibility, delight and inspire as they care for these beautiful pets and watch them flourish, blush, flower and develop pups.

My Pet Air Plant believes in giving back.  A percentage of our profits will be donated annually to organizations that improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children in the world. We currently support Compassion International, Unbound, and World Vision in child sponsorship.

May the magic and beauty of nature warm your hearts and homes.  

~Mama Mabel


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