What is a Tilly?

A Tilly is a pet air plant. “Air plant” is the common name for plants in the genus Tillandsias L. Air plants are also lovingly and commonly referred to as Tillies by their human adoptive parents.  Most are epiphytes and grow on trees, rocks, logs or other structures without causing any harm or taking nutrients.  Pet air plants get moisture & nutrients from the air and absorb them through their leaves instead of roots.


Is caring for a pet air plant easy?

Yes. Caring for your pet air plant is both easy and rewarding. Your adoption kit comes complete with an illustrated book that will explain everything you need to know about watering, bathing, sunshine requirements, and much more.  With consistent care and the right living conditions, your pet air plant will thrive and your pet air plant family will grow.


Can I choose to adopt one of the pet air plants from the homepage?

 We make every effort to find loving homes for our pet air plants as quickly as possible. Therefore, the pets on our homepage may already be adopted when you request adoption but new Tillies arrive daily. You can include your preference at checkout and we may be able to find a similar pet air plant of the same species.



What kind of pet air plant will I receive?

 Just like with humans, pet air plants come in all different shapes and sizes and this is what makes them so beautiful! We welcome new pet air plant species to our adoption center daily. Some have longer leaves, some have leaves that curl at the tip, some are full and stout, and others are tall and lanky. Each one is a special treasure. Waiting to see which one you receive is part of the fun!



Will my pet air plant blush and change colors?

 Yes, with proper care and sunlight, your pet air plant will blush when it reaches maturity. The tips of the leaves can turn shades of pink, yellow, orange, or red.  If your pet air plant hasn't blushed, it may not be receiving enough bright light.  Move it to a new spot where it receives high light but make sure that it does not receive direct sunlight or it may get sunburned.  



When will my pet air plant flower?

 Your pet air plant will normally flower shortly after it blushes but some will flower during their blushing period. Tillies can blush anywhere from 6 months after birth to two years.



Will my air plant have babies (pups)?

 Most pet air plants with proper care will produce babies (pups). The babies will grow from the base of the mother plant shortly after they flower and sometimes while they are flowering. Tillies generally have about 1-3 babies but some species can have as many as 8!



Can I separate the babies (pups) from the mother plant?

 When the babies (pups) are about 1/3 the size of the mother plant, you can gently pull on the base of the pup and separate it from the mother. If it doesn’t detach easily, simply wait a little longer. You can always leave all the pups attached to the mother as well and they will eventually form a family clump or ball.



What if my pet air plant gets sick during the journey to me?

 Please notify us immediately in the unlikely event that your pet is sick when it arrives.  We ask that you send the Tilly back within 3-5 days along with the full adoption kit. We will send you a healthy pet air plant replacement upon receipt and will nurse the sick Tilly back to health.



Can I cut my pet air plant’s roots?

 Yes, pet air plants get their nutrients through their leaves through hair-like structures called trichomes. Their roots are only used to attach themselves to trees, rocks, wood, etc. You may cut the roots without causing any harm to your pet and the roots will eventually grow back.


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