My Pet Air Plant™ Pet Air Plant Adoption Kit

  1. A healthy real LIVE Pet Air Plant
  2. Your Pet Air Plant Birth Certificate Card complete with unique name, date of birth, family & species and including the official Tilly Central gold seal of authenticity. 
  3. Adoption Certification with the requirements for Pet Air Plant Adoption and a signature panel to be signed by the Human Adoptive Parent. 
  4. The illustrated full-color My Pet Air Plant Adoption &  Care Guide book complete with detailed instructions on preparing your home for your pet, bathing, feeding, water, grooming, sunshine requirements, fun facts etc.
  5. A pet carrier to transport your pet safely to your home.
  6. An "I Adopted A Pet Air Plant Today!" sticker to proudly wear and help spread the word about the need for Pet Air Plant Adoption!
  7. Oodles and oodles of fun and joy as you care for your Pet Tilly!

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